Different Kinds of Tea Explained

Tea is among the most popular beverages of India. It is very popular among men too. Men take it for various reasons, ranging from getting refreshed in the morning to enjoying it with evening snacks. These days, there are various varieties of teas that are consumed apart from the regular tea that we know of. These teas have differences in ingredients and method of preparation. Here we have discussed four such different teas.



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1. Regular Tea:

It is, as the name suggest, the tea we have daily at our homes and offices. It is a heterogeneous mixture of milk, water, tea leaves, and sugar. The more the milk the better it tastes. Additionally, you can also add ginger, cardamom, cloves, etc. to it to make it taste better. Adding these herbs also make this tea useful as a homemade remedy against cold. Otherwise this tea could be harmful to health.




2. Black Tea:

Black tea is more oxidised than any other tea. Though not completely pitch black, as the name suggests, it is still the darkest of all teas. It contains no milk. It is stronger than other less oxidised teas. It is made from two types of leaves- one with small leaves or Chinese leaves and others with big leaves or Assamese leaves.



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3. Green Tea:

The origin of green tea lies in China. It is made from tea leaves that are less oxidised than the tea leaves used in Black tea. No milk is added to it. This kind of tea is more popular because of its health benefits. It is good for your overall health. It helps improve your immunity. If taken daily, it improves your skin. It provides the required anti-oxidants to the body.



4. Iced Tea:

Iced tea is your regular tea without milk. Just the difference is that it is chilled cold and lemon in it. Of course, as the name suggests, ice is a mandatory ingredient. It does not hold much nutritional value or health benefits but it is consumed for its taste and its ability to refresh you, especially during summers.



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These different kinds of teas are taken for different reasons. Some are good only for refreshment and some have medicinal values or health benefits associated with them. Now that you know what is the purpose of each tea, pick the one you think will suit you and start drinking as you please.