Cracked Lips And How To Deal With It

Chapped lips are one of the most common skin problems today. The problem continues all around the year be it hot summers, windy autumns or chilly winters. However, it worsens in the winters with lips dried and desiccated form the chill. Here are a few easy tricks that can help you with lip-care.


1.Stay Hydrated:

The water level in our body appears most on your lips. Especially if you live in extremely cold or arid areas, you need to ‘drink like fish’. A minimum of 8-10 glasses a day is mandatory.



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2.Exfoliate regularly:

The dead skin on your lips needs to be shoved off, but in a healthy way. Scrub your lips with equal parts honey and sugar. The end result will be soft and smooth!



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3.Lubricate with oil-based balms:

Don’t fall for those fancy, excessively scented, water-based lip balms that are eaten more than applied. Always moisturize with oil based chap sticks. And if you are on the ‘saving’ mode, just apply regular coconut oil.


4.Say NO to licking and picking:

Licking dried lips is a tempting and short-term soother, but dries your lips even more eventually. Also, picking your lips to ooze the dried flakes is a miserable idea. You will only end up with blood or infection on your lips.



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It’s time to bid farewell to the flaky and dry lips. Embrace these easy lifestyle habits. Who knows! Your lips might get lucky tonight!