Best Soccer Drinks Before, During And After A Match

To stay hydrated during a 90-minute football match you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes drinking 2 liters of fluids every day. More you keep your body hydrated, more is the duration of delivering a power-packed performance on the ground.
In the recommended diet chart for men, especially of professional soccer players sports drinks are suggested at all the three stages (before, during and after) the match. Sports drinks contain essential electrolytes and carbohydrates that quickly restores the body’s lost salts and fluids.

1. Before you pick up ‘a fancy sports drink’ you should be aware of the type of drink that is suited for you as a professional football player. There are three types of sports drinks that are generally available in market Hypotonic, Isotonic and Hypertonic drinks.



2. A hypotonic sports drink gives you less energy but is quickly absorbed compared to water. You should drink this type of drink before a match, as you require less energy but enough hydration. Since this drink has less of sugar compared to what is normally found in our body fluids, due to the process of osmosis, it instantly rushes into the body cells. An ideal hypotonic solution should have less than 5g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100 ml.



3. An Isotonic sports drink has similar concentrations of salt and sugar (preferably glucose) as found in the human body. When you drink this type of sports drink your lost electrolytes and body salts are restored, hence it is generally recommended during and after the match, practice session or the suggested gym workouts for men.



4. A Hypertonic sports drink has more carbohydrates and electrolytes than found in human body. The hypertonic drinks are absorbed slowly compared to the rest of the two, this is most often used as energy supplements after the recommended heavy and intense gym workouts for men.
Although for short practice sessions you don’t need a sports drink, if you are going into the football ground without meals then an isotonic sports drink is recommended at all the three stages as it can give you the required dose of energy levels.