Best exercises to make your forearms stronger

Forearm workout techniques have been warped into the useless lifting of weights which basically achieves nothing apart from a waste of time. This is mainly due to lack of proper training and supervision. These forearm exercises are something that should be incorporated into your workout schedule if you want to make an efficient use of your time and get great gains too.




1. Farmer’s walk:

This workout not only helps stretch your forearm muscles for better growth, it also serves as a warm-up for other exercises to follow; you should add this to the beginning of the workout session. Grab a heavy dumbbell or kettle-bell in each hand, keep your core flexed, stand tall and start walking. You could do 3 sets of 20 yards each.



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2. Towel pull-ups:

Regular pull-ups are a great way to build thick forearms. Gripping a towel, instead of the bar just boosts the gains exponentially. You would have to squeeze the towel just to maintain your position and crush them even harder to pull yourself up. They will be tough to do initially but over time, your gains will be very visible.



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3. Plate curls:

How hard you can pinch your fingers together determines how stronger your forearms can get. Instead of doing the regular bicep-curls, try plate curls. Use two plates and grab their ends with each hand. Use the strength of your fingers and forearms to do a curl. Try to do 4-8 reps each in a total of 4 sets.



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4. Single-arm bottoms up kettle bell press:

This might sound a bit complex but it really isn’t. You need to grip a kettle bell upside down above your head. Use your palm to keep it balanced as you tighten your core and push it upwards. Do 6 reps for each hand and continue to do so for 3 sets.



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5. Fat grip dumbbell rows:

Using a thicker bar helps to build larger forearms because it makes you squeeze a lot harder to hold the same amount of weight and increases your neural drive. Place your left hand and knee on a bench and grip the weighted bar with your right hand. Pull your shoulder blade inwards while pulling your elbow to your ribcage. Do 8 reps for each side and repeat for 3 sets.



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Using these techniques in that particular order will boost your gains in a very visible way and make work-outs a lot more satisfying and motivating.