7 Tips for Healthy Diwali Diet

It’s time to indulge, isn’t that what festivals are for? The mouth-watering delicacies, the scrumptious sweets and the list goes on and on! However, the weight we managed to keep in check all these months takes a nose dive with our diets going for a toss.

Don’t worry! We know your dilemma and we’re here to help you keep the waistline in check [even while you are indulging on your favourite foods]. Follow these simple steps and watch the magic potion work!

  1. Having plenty of water will keep you full for longer periods and help you avoid those fried snacks when you go visiting friends and relatives during the festivities.
  2. Eating a healthy meal before stepping out will surely be of great help. Your filled tummy will at least help you resist the numerous tempting delicacies outside.




3. Managing your portions and taking small quantity will help in controlling your cravings

4. Eating slowly can make you feel fuller within no time.




5. Fizzy and aerated drinks should be off your list. Instead opt for fresh juices or fresh lime water.

6. If you think the indulgence has increased, then give yourself a ‘rest day’. Detoxify once a week by skipping one entire meal in the day and having only healthy foods such as fruits and fibre rich vegetables.




7. Don’t skip your workouts. If not everyday at least manage it thrice a week. If you do not get time for an hour-long workout, then come up with short high impact routine to help you in the days where you are running against time.




Festivities come once a year so one should enjoy them to the fullest. But do keep the diet in check as the stomach takes the maximum brunt and that is the last thing you want at the end of successfully partying!