6 Types Of Men You Meet In The Gym

When the TV show being repeated gets stale, or you feel like rounding off your overall gym experience, checking out our fellow budding athletes can be a fun way to keep us occupied. Here are 6 types of men you’re likely to meet at the gym- 3 we like, and 3 we’d like to see try out another gym. Which one are you?




Don’t be that guy!


1. The phone guy:

There’s always the guy who has to take every call he gets and loudly discuss his plans for dinner or taking over the world. He starts conversations with the gym at large, and has no qualms about revealing the inner details of the previous evening to whomsoever is listening- or isn’t. To top it off, he’s the selfie addict. No workout is complete without an Instagram upload!



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2. The show off:

Low on humility but high on skill; the show off is the one who has to outdo whomsoever is working out near him. He has to clock more time, do more push-ups, and do a heavier dead lift. If there are women around, he’ll find a way to work out right in front of them, and yes, there will be flexing.



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3. The coach:

“You shouldn’t drink water during workouts.” “You’re bending your knees wrong.” “Your chest isn’t touching the ground.” The Coach is the guy who walks around the gym identifying people he feels aren’t doing a good enough job of working out, and offering unsolicited advice on how to do it better. We’d love you to focus on your own thing, kind sir!




Be that guy!


4. The marathoner:

He’s the strongman who has a goal he’ll do anything to achieve. He has the wearable tech, the stop watch, maybe even a notebook, and he plans his workouts systematically, never stopping to waste time and make random conversation. He’s got the huge muscles, he’s got his protein and he’s got the concentration of a bull charging at a matador.



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5. The noob:

In sheer contrast, this is the guy who can’t seem to figure out the right way to handle gym equipment. He drops the dumbbells, breaks the bar bells and trips on the treadmill. To top it off, he has a face to go with every moment of his discomfort- from the ‘scrunched up seizure’ face to the ‘puffy blowfish’ when he’s attempting to master the cross trainer. Why we love him is that he’s usually looking to improve and keeps getting better, which is the most important thing of all!




6. The gentleman:

Thank God for this guy! He wipes every machine once he’s done with it, lets you have the machine if you reached it first, and doesn’t take longer than he promised he would. He’s friendly but never disturbs you in the middle of a workout; he’s steady and strong, never comes in anyone’s way, and is always there to lend a helping hand.



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We know working out is important, but don’t forget, you’re still in a social setting. Think a little about your fellow gym goers before you get to it, and once all is well, hit it hard!