5 Tips To Get 6 Pack In No Time

Every man longs for a perfect ‘V’ shaped body that the Bollywood actors flaunt. But, who has the time that they invest in attaining those Greek God looks! We all crave for visible and quick results. So, for all you men out there, we present the 5 secrets to rock the 6 pack abs in no time!


1. Diet :

Start your day with a balanced breakfast full of nutrients. Go for a diet that comprises of protein, good carbohydrates, and drink lots of water. Try having 5 adequate meals rather than 3 big meals. Add fruits, lentils, green vegetables, yogurt, nuts and also good fat ingredients in your diet.



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2. Cardio :

Do not ever start training or exercising before a good warm up. Cardio is the best way to pump up your body for the heavy exercises and it also makes sure that your body has no tears and bruises with the weight training that follows. Run, jog, cycle or hop on the treadmill to prepare the body for an intensive workout.



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3. Weight Training :

Core strength training is one of the best ways to attain the enviable 6 pack abs. You can join a gym or workout at home; perform exercises like Dum bell crunch, Clamshell crunch, reverse crunch, leg lowers, abs stretch, and hip lifts etc.


4. Stay focused :

Staying focused and determined is the key to success! Don’t lose hope if the results aren’t as quick as you expected. Wait and those compliments will start pouring in very soon. Till then, enjoy the present moment by being fit and healthy.


5. Sleep :

A good night sleep not just relieves you of stress but also relaxes your body. To have the full benefit of your hard work, you should never compromise your full 8 hours sleep.


So, if you follow the above 5 steps religiously, you can earn the great 6 pack abs. What are you waiting for, pick a pen and paper, start making your daily schedule and become your own hero!


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