5 Holiday Foods To Avoid

Holiday season is an absolute indulgence. With the lady of the house making rich and fattening dishes, saying no can get you in trouble. Well, don’t worry; here are a few holiday foods that you can easily avoid to stay in shape.


1.Cheese Straws:

These innocent looking party staples are potent enough to give you your daily fill of saturated fats in just 3 pieces! If you are the constantly snacking, try popcorn or pretzels instead.



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Just the name leaves your mouth watering, cheesecakes are practically calorie cakes. You can have one only if you swear to touch no other dessert the entire day! Also, go for the ones topped with fruits.



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You might argue they are so light and low-calorie, but that’s a lie. They’re buttery and fatty with zilch nutritional value. Instead, substitute them with pancakes and maple yogurt, a much healthier alternative.



Here’s another scrumptious dessert that must not be said no to, since it is ‘bhagvaan ka prasaad’. Halwa, of all sorts, is oily and fatty, not to mention the addict it makes you!



This densely boiled milk is made from condensed milk, dry fruits and sugar. The ingredients speak for themselves! One bowl of it and you have expired your sugar quota for a month! Instead, go for a glass of saffron milk, if you aren’t able to curb the craving.



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These health goals may seem impossible, but as the tacky but true adage does- Impossible means I’m Possible. So go for it, this holiday season!