4 Reasons For Low Libido In Men And How To Beat Them

‘Hungry, Horny, Sleepy’, it is often said that men have only these three moods. This however might not be true for all men. Many men often complain of not being horny, or to put it in better words -sexually aroused as often as they would want.This is referred as‘loss of libido’ or ‘low libido’. If you too are experiencing a drop in your sex drive, then you first need to understand the reason behind it. Read on to know how.

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1. Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest reasons for loss of libido in men. The reason for stress can range from work pressure to family problems. To respond to stress, your body releases certain hormones which in certain situations can dip your testosterone level, and can lead to low sex drive.



Solution- To cure yourself of anxiety induced libido loss, you need to get rid of the root itself, which is anxiety. Since this is a long process, start with simple things like having a healthy diet and starting an exercise regimen.

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2. Medication

Sometimes, medication taken for certain illnesses like hypertension can lead to lowering of sex drive. These medications affect your testosterone level and result in lack of arousal.



Solution- If you are experiencing low libido while taking some course of medication, you must immediately consult your doctor to confirm if your medication is the reason behind your low sex drive, and get it changed in case it is.


3. Obesity

Obesity comes with its own problems, like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. which reduce the blood flow along all body parts, including genitals. Obesity can also cause hormonal imbalance leading to low testosterone level which in turn decreases libido.



Solution- It goes beyond saying that you need to immediately lose your extra kilos if you want to gain your sex drive back. Change your diet and hit a gym without any delay.

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4. Relationship Issues

The kind of relationship you have with your wife or girlfriend may also affect your sex drive. You might often end up carrying the anger and disappointment with her to your bed. Sometimes, even being too emotionally close and intimate can lead to sapping of sexual desire.



Solution- You need to evaluate your relationship and talk to her to sort out the issues that are affecting your sexual desire.


Having low libido is something all men dread,yet they might have to suffer from it anyway. But the good thing is that it is not something that you have to live with lifelong. Identify the reason for your low libido and start working to beat them, the way it is mentioned above.