Your Cheat Sheet for Wearing Sweaters this Winter

You can’t get through winter without sporting some sweaters and there are a variety of styles available in men’s fashion. A sweater can be a key statement piece, or it can be your go-to winter wear when you step out. Either way, it’s a fashion essential and you must own a few, and here are the guidelines for wearing sweaters this winter:




1. Fabrics:

The most coveted sweater fabric is cashmere. It’s made from Kashmiri goat hair and it’s also the most expensive. The most common and traditional fabric used is wool. It is cheaper, but more susceptible to damage. Cotton, synthetics, and other blends are less expensive, but usually less warm as well. Investing in a cashmere sweater is highly advised as it can last you up to 10 years.



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2. Colour & Fit:

In menswear, sweaters of muted colours like black, blue, and grey are usually worn more often as they give a more formal feel. For a casual, festive vibe, go for a bright colour. As for fit, you should figure out what brand suits your body shape most and stick to it. Custom sweaters look best if you’re willing to spend. Getting a sweater altered isn’t always the best idea unless you have an exceptional tailor.



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3. Turtleneck, V-neck, Crew Neck:

These are the 3 most common type of necks in sweaters. A dark, well-fitted turtleneck should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Paired with dark trousers it looks lean and stylish. A V-neck looks best with button down shirts, but make sure the V is not cut too low as that looks slightly effeminate. With a crew neck collar, you needn’t worry about what to wear inside, as it mostly doesn’t show. Pair it with jeans or trousers depending on the look you’re going for.



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4. Polo, Cardigan, and Vest:

Polo sweaters eliminate the need to wear a dress shirt with it, but it must be well fitting and can be tucked into trousers. A cardigan with a zipper or buttons is the most versatile sweater and usually the only style, which can incorporate a pocket. Sweater vests are great for layering and you can use it to add a bit of colour to your outfit without going overboard.



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With the many fashion styles for men available in sweaters you will definitely find your pick if you hunt and experiment. No matter your body shape, there has to be a sweater style, which compliments you. When in doubt, remember that most sweaters will go well with dress shirts and straight trousers.