Why you should wear no show socks

No show socks are known as men’s footies and are a very in thing this summer. Honestly, normal socks just look ugly with some shoe styles and don’t work. Obviously, you can’t have a no socks policy with around 250,000 sweat glands on your feet! If you walk commando in summers, it must be illegal to remove your shoes in public.

Why you should wear no show socks


1.Loafers are comfortable and sexy, but you cannot wear them with a pair of normal socks, especially when you wear them with a pair of shorts. Going sockless in summer has its own painful issues. No show loafer socks stay hidden and are quite comfortable.


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2.Dress shoes are all about dressing sharp and smart. The same way you cannot wear no show socks for running, you cannot wear athletic socks with dress shoes. They are bulky, thick and look weird. No show socks are thin and look classy.


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3.We understand that the sudden change to no show socks is not easy, however, when wearing boat shoes, they are the best option. Boat shoes are a good alternative to flip flops or open sandals and keep the feet from getting dirty. It is important to wear a pair of footies as they soak up the moisture and prevent your shoes and feet from smelling.


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4.With the changing trends of fashion, men are equally focused on how they look even if it means heading to the gym or a game. You can get yourself a pair of 100% cotton no show socks to keep your feet cool and dry in the heat. These socks are no less than normal athletic socks, as the cotton material maintains foot hygiene by preventing sweat related infections like fungus and blisters.



5.No show socks don’t have to be boring. That’s the best part these socks, means even if you go horribly wrong with the color or fun quirky prints, no one will ever know! It will be your very own secret with you, so experiment on.



On that note, style is a very personal choice and if you are still not convinced about no show socks, just give them a try for your feet’s sake. They are comfortable, discretely stylish and help prevent smelly, sweaty feet in summer. Plus they are small and handy, stuff them in any corner of your bag or suitcase and travel hassle free. What else do men need?