What your wallet says about you

You may not know it, but your wallet says a lot about you even before you take anything out of it. It’s the sneak peek into the movie of your life you don’t remember selling tickets for.



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In a few seconds, it can tell tales about your character, your ambition and your temperament. The best thing you can do? Become aware of what it’s saying, so you can make sure it’s not something you don’t want it to.


1. Tri Fold:

This is the wallet for the guy who is confident of himself, but silently; brilliant and creative, but doesn’t show off; everything a woman wants in a man but never pompous. He makes his passion a career, his family a priority and his insecurities his strengths. He doesn’t talk too loud but never goes unnoticed and has the perfect sense of humour.




2. The Designer Wallet:

This guy is looking to make a statement; he isn’t afraid of a bit of attention. These wallets, like their owners, can be so outrageous that they leave behind an open mouthed audience wherever they go.
This man doesn’t take himself too seriously, has the potential to induce some memorable humour into any conversation and absolutely reeks of individuality. He is unapologetically bold for a living.



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3. The Colourful Wallet:

This is for the free spirit, the traveller, the independent thinker. He accepts nothing without question and is always looking for something new to do. He is allergic to boredom and questions everything. He lives his life in motion- he is fascinated by everything he doesn’t know, and is on a constant journey to explore what’s never been explored before.



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4. The Classic Bi Fold:

This is the quintessential gentlemen; his priorities are in place, and he knows what he wants from life. He exudes a sort of timelessness and has that rare ability to stay serene in the face of all sorts of complexities. He is the family man. He’s the guy who makes the women in his life weak in the knees, and the guy everyone can depend on.




5. Belt Chain Wallet:

This guy is bratty and he knows it. He isn’t the least bit shy; always ready to walk up to someone and demand an explanation or an apology alike. He’s street smart and he’s a survivor. He also has a secret talent that he’s waiting to flaunt some day and stun everyone with his inner artistic genius. He’s the bad boy mothers ask their daughters to stay away from and the fiercely loyal fellow who would fight to his death for his friends.



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So what do you want your wallet to say about you?