Trends to look forward to this Autumn-Winter 2016

The winters are coming. We’re here to help you get an idea of what’s trending this winter. You should definitely add these to your wardrobe to get a variety of outfits to try.




1. Polo shirts to layer up:

As autumn knocks on the door and you’re not quite ready to start wearing your sweatshirt selection, try using a knitted polo shirt as a slightly lighter layer of insulation as the temperature dips. Try using two or three fine knit iterations in different solid colours with minimal branding for maximum versatility with your existing wardrobe.



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2. The bombers are back:

Bomber jackets have been trending in fashion for quite some time now and they don’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. The bomber jacket is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Whether casual or smart, oversized or tailored, winter or spring, this jacket never fails to deliver.



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3. Duffle coats:

For obvious reasons, the autumn fashion is all about outerwear; and this season no coat shape was more popular than the duffle coat. It is characterized by the traditional toggle fastening, a roomy cut and a hood. All these features make the duffle coat a very practical casual staple and a perfect coat to brave the elements this winter.



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4. Funnel necks:

The funnel neck is a slightly modified version of the turtleneck. It is one of the newest fashion trends to hit the market this season. A funnel neck is basically a roll-neck without the roll. This makes it a lot more casual and can go with any baggy outfit that you choose to try.



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5. Leather jackets:

The leather jackets are evergreen fashion. No matter how many trends come and go, the leather jackets endure them all. The reason being that no other outfit could make you look as classy and badass at the same time. A leather jacket is best suited to denims but it goes really well with chinos as well.



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As autumn and winter come closer with each passing day, make sure you stock up your wardrobe with at least one garment of each type so you get a lot of space to experiment and come up with something that suits you the best.