Tips to Ace the Wedding Season

The wedding season is a ceaseless affair. Everyone takes the effort to clean up and look pretty! Naturally, you need a highly versatile wardrobe to present your best self. So here are a few dressing tips to ace the wedding season and help you sport both traditional and western duds in the most appropriate way.



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1.Don’t forget the Knot:

Ties and Bowties are a mandate to make you Raymond- the complete man. These knotty necks add class and austerity to your boyish, nonchalant demeanour.


2.Watch the Watch you wear:

Watches are no more gadgets that just tell the time. The watch you wear is an epitome of your status. So choose your style meticulously. Go for gaudy dials if you have masculine arms; pick regular dials if you are on the leaner side.



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3.Accessorize the cliché suit:

Cufflinks, pocket squares, leather belts, broaches or a beautiful rose – there’s so much that can be coupled with that regular suit you’ve worn a thousand times!



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4.Go Desi! :

In India, you can’t get the ‘feel’ of the wedding season without a kurta pyjama. With so many options to make this routine apparel legend…wait for it….dary, you need not shy away from the traditional. Pair it with an indo-western jacket, Jodhpuri, Salwar kameez, Sherwani, Lucknowi- so much more to explore and try! And yeah, don’t miss out the Pagdi.



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So now that you know how to pull off the Best Man look, just make sure you keep it cool and subtle. Whatever you wear, add a tinge of confidence and smile to it.