The Various Fits of Jeans Explained

Whenever you go to shop for jeans, there is always this one question which delays your process of purchasing the jeans what would be the best fit. Well the answer to this question is that no one fit is the best fit in isolation. You have to decide which fit suits you the best. You have to decide what your priority is when you wear a jeans style or comfort. Considering this in mind you must decide the best fit for you. To help you choose which fit suits you the best, we have tried to explain all the three common fits below.




1. Skinny Fit:

Skinny fit, as the name suggests, is a fit that is extremely tight around your body. So tight that is almost feels like a part of your skin. But contrary the name would also suggest, this is not for skinny men. Skinny fit only make skinny men look skinnier. It is for slightly toned up men or muscular men who want the ripples muscles on their legs to get embossed on their jeans.



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2. Slim Fit:

Slim fit wraps itself tightly around your legs, but unlike slim fit jeans, it does not become air tight. It will show your legs in good shape without giving you the lack of comfort that often comes with skinny fit jeans. It will be just the perfect fit for you, no matter what your body type is- skinny, slim, toned, muscular, or healthy.



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3. Straight Fit:

For those who need feel air between their legs, this is the best fit. Please remember that this fit only gives you comfort and not style. It doesn’t show the shape of your legs nor does it taper down towards your feet. It may also not fit completely around your butt. Over all, it can give you a hippie look, if that’s what you are aiming for. Otherwise it is more about comfort that style. If you pick this fit, make sure that it isn’t too loose or baggy and it fits well on your waist even without a belt.



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Not every fit suits every man. Not every man can carry all the fits. Decide what you want most- style or comfort. Pick a jeans. See how it looks on you or rather how you look in it. Check if you can carry it well or not, and then decide the fit you would want to wear. Though it will take some trial and error, but by the end, you will have the answer to your long surviving dilemma.