The A-Z Rulebook Of Layering Up This Winter

Winter is in full swing and you need your many layers to keep you warm. However, don’t just throw on anything or everything in a bid to keep warm. Here are some fashion tips on how you can layer up with style this winter:




1. Dark Colours:

Winter comes with a darker, more sombre colour palette and you’re excused for being decked in only blacks and greys. Pair a dark sweater with a matching muffler, and a heavy coat in the same colour family. You will keep warm and look cool at the same time.



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2. Checks:

For a more modern fashion look, you can experiment a bit with colours, cuts and prints. Pair a stylish sports coat with a cowl neck sweater and coloured pants, and you have a chic, high fashion look for yourself.



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3. Casual:

For a regular day out, when you don’t particularly want to experiment with fashion styles, stick to your basic jeans and t-shirt but throw on a warm jacket with a regular muffler, beanie and gloves. You can add thermals under your clothes to keep yourself warm.



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4. Cowl Muffler:

You can stick to your regular outfit and add a statement piece like a giant wraparound muffler to your ensemble. You can even contrast it to the colour of the rest of your outfit, like white on black, to stand out, but in a good way.



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Follow any of these fashion styles for men this winter and ace the layered look well. You don’t want to look overstuffed or unmatched. Comfort is important, but you shouldn’t forego style either!