Tattoos and Piercings on Men – Yay or Nay

We live in a time when physical decoration and ornamentation is on the rise, and a large number of men are following this trend, and either getting inked or pierced, or both. If you haven’t joined that club yet and are wondering if you can pull it off or whether it is worth the pain, then read on to find out!



1. No Gain Without Pain:

Even if we keep infections and complications aside, getting tattooed or pierced does include a certain amount of pain. It depends a lot on what area of your body is being worked on. For tattoos, bony areas hurt more, but then it’s a onetime pain after which you have a beautiful piece of art on your body. In case of piercings, earlobes which are most commonly pierced, pain the least, while anywhere else the scale is higher. Where the pain from piercings differs from pain from tattoos is that it lingers and every time anything pulls on that sensitive area, it hurts. Piercings also have a higher chance of getting infected. If you feel you can’t handle too much pain but still want to experiment, then we would recommend a tattoo rather than a piercing and that too on a low pain area like your arm.



2. Pulling It Off:

Now this is very subjective. There are no set rules for looks or personality that dictate whether or not you can pull of some ink or metal. Another thing that varies is everyone’s opinion-whether you have pulled it off or not.So you can’t really let anyone else judge your decision and you have to decide for yourself. If you feel you can rock it, then go for it!


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3. The Views Of The Opposite Sex:

A recent study says that there is a scientifically researched fact that women are more attracted to men with tattoos, piercings and beards. In this tough dating pool, these flamboyant quirks make these men stand out and look more attractive. Especially on online dating sites, tattooed and pierced men get a lot more attention. So that is another reason to go get inked!


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4. Work Related:

Now even if you’re rocking the look, and your girlfriend is fawning all over your latest ink, you need to keep in mind whether it is appropriate for your work environment or not. On one hand, you shouldn’t let your job dictate your life but on the other, you need to respect your workplace and your employers. If you are in an artsy field like design or music, then the general consensus is that these body decorations are more than welcome and almost expected. However, if you’re in a corporate set up, you need to be very discreet. Your piercings cannot be more than subtle ear piercings, if at all. And your tattoos should preferably not show, or be very minimal.


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