Suit or Tuxedo: What should you Wear for your Best friend’s Wedding

Men look more handsome in formals, whether it is a suit or tuxedo. Not sure about which one to wear for your best friend’s wedding? Well, this guide will tell you a little bit about the differences between a suit and tuxedo and which one to pick according to the occasion:




1. Materials:

Typically, in men’s fashion, the primary difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the usage of satin in a tux. Tuxedos usually have a satin facing at the lapels, the buttons, and the pocket trim. They even have a satin side strip running down the legs of the trousers. Suits usually have buttons made of plastic, or of the suiting material itself.



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2. Accessories:

In menswear, tuxedos are usually worn with a bow tie, along with a vest or cummerbund. Suits are usually worn with a long tie, and sometimes a matching vest. However, these accessories can be switched and played around with, as with progressive and experimental fashion, there is no hard and fast rule anymore.



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3. Suits:

The thing about suits is, that you can wear a nice, dapper suit to a wedding and feel good, but you can also wear the same suit to a business meeting or an office event and it would have the same effect. Nothing about a suit, specifically screams wedding, so you should wear a suit to a close friend or relatives wedding, but maybe you can up your in the fashion styles department when it comes to your best friend’s wedding.



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4. Tuxedos:

Tuxedos are as formal and dapper as it gets. When their satiny sheen and bow ties, you can only pull it off at very important weddings, or very high-end parties. For your own wedding, or your best friends, you should pull out all the stops and make the evening special by donning a well-tailored tux. In fashion styles for men, there are a host of cuts and colours available, but at the end of the day, a black tux looks best.



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So there is the consensus, your best friend only gets married once. Make the event a special one, and dress the part. Tuxedos win when it comes to this occasion, although if you really don’t like dressing up too much, then you can make do with a nice suit too.