Rules for Wearing a Muscle Tee

Muscle tees were made popular by none other than Shahrukh Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. People noticed how stylish the King Khan looked in them, and soon muscle tees became popular among men. Indeed, muscle tees make you look quite attractive and stylish, but it can be pulled off impeccably only by SRK. In case you not SRK but want to wear them, then here are the unsaid rules that you must follow.



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1. Only If You Have The Right Body:

The first rule of wearing a muscle tee is making sure that you have the right body to wear it. After all, it is called muscle tee for a reason. You must have the right amount of muscles and a toned body to wear it, so that the shape of your body looks good.




2. No Hair Showing Off:

Muscle tees are very tight to the skin, which pushed your chest hair often outwards. Moreover, if it is a V neck muscle tee then your hair will definitely show on your neck and upper chest. This is a strict no. Muscle tees and hairy neck and chest do not go together. So if you wear a muscle tee but your hair is popping out and showing, then first shave your hair and then wear the muscle tee.



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3. Beer Belly Is A Strict No:

Even if you have the right muscular body, make sure you have a flat stomach too. Many people who have muscles often have beer bellies. If you are also one of those men, either don’t wear a muscle tee or lose your beer belly before donning it. Muscle tee with a beer belly makes for a grotesque sight.




4. Find The Right Size:

Muscles tee are anyway very skin tight, so you have to be careful while picking the right size for you. Make sure it is not so tight that it looks vulgar. Do not buy a muscle tee unless you try it once and check yourself in the mirror, if it is not loose or too tight on you.



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Not all men can wear muscle tees. The first step towards wearing it is having a right body. So if you want to wear a muscle tee but don’t have a body for it, then you must first start working out to get the right kind of body for it. Rest can be seen when you start shopping for it and check yourself out in the trial room.