Pocket Squaring it Right

Pocket squares need to be in every gentleman’s repertoire, especially if suits are worn often. They’re just a small part of the outfit but an integral and important aspect nonetheless. Pocket squares come in a variety of fabrics, colours, and prints, and need to be chosen carefully according to latest fashion trends and your outfit. We’ll tell you how:




1. Fabric:

Depending on your suit, the fabric you choose for your pocket square is important. Silks are most common, but you can also go for a heavy cotton or tweed if you’re wearing a heavyweight fabric suit. Silk pocket squares are classic fashion though, and can go with most outfits.



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2. Colour:

Pocket squares are sometimes just a subtle addition to your ensemble but they can also be a bright pop of colour to liven up your outfit. Menswear doesn’t usually experiment with colours in a large way, so a bright tie or pocket square can go along way.



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3. Print:

These accessories are also available in a variety of prints. From paisley to polka dots, pocket squares can be experimented with for classy effects. Fashion and style dictates that heavily printed pocket squares add a lot of formality to the outfit. Since decades, super formal suits go along with heavily printed ties and pocket squares.



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4. Style:

There are a lot of styles in which the pocket square can be folded and put in. You can make it a triangle style, or just plain rectangular, or even a slightly messy square. You can look up interesting ways to fold up your pocket square depending on how much you want it to show.



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Pocket squares are a super smart and gentlemanly accessory and are practically a must with formal suits. Even though it’s just a small addition to your outfit, it makes you feel more well dressed and definitely gives you brownie points when it comes to formal wear!