Perfect Colour Combinations for Every Man

Want to make a style statement, boys, impress that cute girl from work or just look effortless on a boy’s night out. Well, all the colours of the rainbow weren’t meant to be worn at the same time. Wondering what we mean, let’s get straight to it. Here’s a how to guide to ace the bold look with the perfect colour combinations.


1. Keep Calm And Wear Red:

If you are feeling particularly bold and want to make a statement – loud and clear, we wonder if there is a better colour than Red. Striking, dominating and authoritative, red commands attention like no other. Offset the shade with lighter, less dominating shades of white, grey and beige and you have yourself a winner. Nothing beats a stiff red shirt paired with blue trousers or beige chinos.




  2. A Little Hue To Beat The Blue:

Casual, cool and calm, it’s no surprise that Blue is a universal favourite. From work wear to night outs, nothing compares to the subtle charm of blue. What is slightly more surprising is the pairing of different shades of blue. When paired together, two contrasting hues of blue create an effect difficult to fathom.

So, when planning a casual outfit next time, try pairing a light blue t-shirt or shirt with a dark shade of straight fit denims. Or take Monday blues by storm with a crisp navy blue shirt and lightly coloured chinos.




 3. Brighten It Up With Yellow:

Cheerful, bright and tricky. The family of yellows and oranges is as tricky as it gets with colour combinations. One wrong move and you will be sulking in misery for quite some time. For a little spark and a twist to the mundane, yellows, pinks, oranges and greens work perfectly. Offset these colours with an unexpected pairing and you have yourself a killer outfit or a faux pas. The line unfortunately is sickly thin. Your cue then is – get the hues of your colour right. It would be obnoxious to pair a screaming shade of orange with an equally dominating hue of blue. We suggest keep one colour your hero while the other politely compliments your outfit.






Another thing you may want to be careful about is accessories. Keep it neat, keep it simple. When trying an unusual colour combination, you may want to play safe with other accessories. One solid watch or a classy tie will do the trick, we think.