Option or Choice – Cardigans or Jackets?

Choosing every day wear is not easy at it looks. Sure there are days when you just reach out and grab the first visible thing and wear it, regardless of the fact whether it came from the closet or the floor or the laundry basket. But there are days when you absolutely have to choose between slim fit and normal fit pants, or a casual cotton shirt and a dress shirt.

A lot of these life changing questions depend heavily on your personality and mood of the day. But what will you do when you have to choose for the top most layers that make your entire outfit?





Since time immemorial and till recent times, men have shied away from wearing cardigans considering it to be something from a ladies wardrobe. But what if I told you that the cardigan was made famous by the 7th Earl of Cardigan who was, in fact, a military leader and led his army into wars, will you wear it as a statement of manliness? You definitely might consider buying on and testing the waters. Yes cardigans have been associated with sophistication, suave and style.




How to Wear:

The best way to wear them will be a buttoned version, preferably in grey at work or a V-neck version with an untucked shirt underneath paired with pants and a blazer for a semi-formal evening out. Wearing a cardigan during the weekend brunch will make you look casual cool and you will have the laid back look about you.





If the cardigan does not appeal to you, and you are the more rugged kinds, then opt for a jacket. A jacket gives you the air of confidence and (in some cases) formality quite easily. A well fitted blazer with an overcoat takes formal to a new level like how an all-black leather motorcycle jacket makes you look like a bad boy. A quilted jacket tells the world that you want no fuss but only comfort while working whereas a denim jacket or a bomber jacket do the job when there is a slight nip in the air.




Stay Stylish:

Keeping the jackets dark, simple and stylish always work the best to bring out the ruggedness in you, whereas well fitted cardigans in an array of colours bring out the style guru in you.




Working according to your mood for the day and your personality is the best way to dress up in the morning even if it means picking up the crumpled shirt off the floor and wearing it for the 3rd time in a row; it will anyway get hidden under the cardigan or the waistcoat, or were you wearing a jacket?