Most trending winter wear for 2016

Dressing well is a form of good manners. Just because it is wintertime does not mean that we simply wear our baggy college hoodies and head out for work. Having a few basic winter essentials in your wardrobe will make you ready for the cold days ahead while still making you look as classy as ever.

Here are a few clothing items to own once the temperature drops




1. Bomber Jackets:

Long or short, bomber jackets have always been in fashion and we don’t see this clothing item leaving the list anytime soon. Keeping you warm and looking good at the same time as you keep layering, bombers are yours to go.



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2. Leather Jackets:

These are an all-time classic like a black tux. A leather jacket is a must own for every guy. These make even the simplest outfits look like they’ve been thought over for long hours. Pair it with your all time favourite t-shirt and denim and you’ll be good to go as well as warm enough to sustain the winter.



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3. Boots:

It has been rightly said that a good pair of shoes is like a good bottle of wine. Shoes complete the outfit and while it is necessary that you always own a solid pair for the cold, you can make it even more fashionable by owning a pair of classic boots. Be it in brown or black, adding these to an outfit instantly upgrades it.



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4. Baggy Beanie:

For the days that you have no time to wash or do your hair properly or you are simply tired and are in a rush, beanies keep you warm as well as good looking. Not to forget, owning a beanie gives you the aura of a carefree guy which can always work in your favour.




5. Distressed Denim Clothing:

A distressed denim jacket can change your work outfit for an evening out in an instant. Denim is a type of clothing that we all own knowingly or unknowingly in our closets and while these may seem a little boring, when layered well, these jackets do wonders for your aura.




6. Matte Jackets:

Right from the advent of modern fashion, matte jackets have been a constant much like a formal white shirt. The importance of these can never be stressed enough. They keep you warm as well as stylish.



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These are the most trending winter wear for 2016. Make sure you add these to your to-get list on the next shopping trip!