Monday To Friday – What To Wear To Office Each Day This Winter

Everyone has at least a 5-day work week, and sometimes your repetitive outfits start like a school uniform. Even if you just have the standard shirts, ties, and blazers, here are ways you can wear them differently to spark up your look at work during the work weekdays:




1. Monday:

The first day of the week sets the tune for the rest of it, so battle your Monday blues and suit up! Wearing a fresh, tailored suit, with a shirt and tie will put you in the business mode. You can wear heavier fabric suits like wool or tweed to stay warm and embody classic fashion.


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2. Tuesday:

Tuesday’s are no less important, although you can tone it down a little and ditch the tie. A formal shirt, with a heavy blazer looks good as well. You can experiment a little with your shirt colours to bring out the look. Pink shirts are a growing trend in the fashion world. This sort of option would look great for an outdoor lunch meeting.



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3. Wednesday:

By midweek you are probably settled into your office routine again and can put in the required long hours. For a little more comfort, and a little less formality, you can pair a crisp shirt with a button down sweater. This sort of menswear looks good in solid, formal colours, like black or grey.




4. Thursday:

Thursdays are the prequel to our beloved Fridays, and you’re allowed to settle into less formal options. A sweater with a casual blazer and dark denims is a comfortable and, appropriate office wear. Pairing an outfit like this also shows that you have a good sense of fashion and style.



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5. Friday:

Most offices celebrate casual Fridays and even if it is not official, people tend to tone it down on the last day of the week. You can pair a jacket with a t-shirt or a button down shirt, as that is the latest style for casual office wear.



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So here it is, the manual for dressing up for your work week. You can easily work with the pieces you already own, and mix and match them in the ways suggested above. This ways you can look sharp and formal, without being repetitive and boring.