New Year’s Eve Style Files

So, you have a steady line up of parties to attend this year end and you’re all set to rock each and every one of them, aren’t you? Well, a party, on the face of it seems like a simple and unassuming term but if you wish to dress to impress, you have to learn to see through the various sub-categories to nail each look accordingly. Go through our super concise party fashion guide for tips that matter.

1. Cocktail Jacket:

This is your best bet to coming off as the swankiest person in the room. If it’s a let your hair loose kind of a New Year party, a jazzy jacket is what will make you stand out. Think out of the neutral colour palette and manoeuvre towards eye catchy shades like lime green or ink blue in matte or metallic textures. Pick a jacket that has colourful accents and patterns for an added edge to the ensemble. The best part about these jackets is that they go well with a casual denim and tee combo as they do with formal pant and shirt pairings.




2. Doodle Toodle:

Bring out the inner child in you as you sport outfits with doodle highlights on them for the fast approaching big New Year party. A t-shirt or even slim fit trousers with thematic doodles on them are the fastest way to make you an instant hit at a party. A tee with a message on it can also turn into an interesting conversation starter.




On the flipside, apparel with derogatory doodles, slogans or messages on them can make people want to ostracise you, so choose wisely and try to steer clear of controversy. When in doubt, go straight for tees with cartoon prints on them. A tried and tested style, tees with toons on them are cute, loveable and always a hit with the chicks.

3. Suit Up:

Casual parties tend to present infinite dressing options but it’s the formal ones that one can’t afford to go wrong with. The classic suit and tie look will never fail you for a formal get together, even if it’s a party we’re talking about. But if you see that the party is soon slipping out of the formal zone, do away with the tie, unbutton or remove the blazer and roll up your shirt sleevesand continue to shimmy the night away.




If you wish, you can go for a bow-tie with your suit, instead of a tie. A smart and cute polka dot bow tie makes for an evergreen style statement and if teamed well, can be passed off for a formal do too.