How To Take Care Of Your Wrist Watch During Monsoons

As we all know, the rains are coming down on us heavy this year, and if you’re the sort of person who loves their watches, this article might just be the thing to help you take better care of them. Out of all the gadgets we own, our watches face the most exposure to all kinds of weather, the most detrimental of them being rains. Some ways to safeguard your watches from the heavy downpours are.


How to Take Care of Your Wrist Watch during Monsoons


1. Avoid Other Wrist Accessories:

Water increases the level of corrosion that any object suffers. Wrist accessories when worn with watches have a tendency to rub against each other; normally, this would be fine. But during the monsoons, due to moisture, the friction might have a very damaging effect on both accessories- leather straps might get damaged, the outer portion of the dial might get scratched and so on. So the best way to avoid these damages would be to switch your accessories to your other hand. Better safe than sorry right?


Avoid other wrist accessories

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2. Understand Your Watch’s Durability:

This part is extremely crucial as it might help you understand which type of watch you should be using this season. Watches come in variants of 30m, 50m, 100m and 200m durability. Watches having a durability of 30m are able to withstand water only in the quantity of small splashes. Anything above this could detrimental. So we would advise you to avoid wearing these during heavy rains.


Understand your watch’s durability

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3. Know How To Dry Your Watch:

What we need to understand is that no matter how hard we try to protect our watches from the rains, they will get wet eventually. The important thing to remember not to blow-dry your watch or use a heater to dry it. It’s more beneficial to keep it under a fan or just wipe it dry. Leather straps would respond better to air drying rather than wiping as the latter might cause the texture to get damaged.


Know how to dry your watch

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4. Waterproofing Your Leather Watches:

Although it is better to use metal watches during the monsoons, if you are really attached to your classy leather-strap watch, this clever trick might help you out. Linseed oil is a godsend in this scenario. Applying a thin layer on your watch strap would increase the water resistance by a great extent which will allow you to sport it throughout the monsoons.


Waterproofing your leather watches

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We hope these tips and tricks help protect your watches and you can go out and have a great time this monsoon!