How to rock the ethnic indo-western look?

A well-dressed man is sure to make heads turn. And if he manages to give the classic, traditional wear a modern twist what would you say to that?

The men have left the days of the heavy bandhglalas or sherwani’s behind, instead giving these timeless classics a modern twist. No longer do the bandhgala or sherwani’s and other Indian wear describe a wedding scene, they are making waves for their modern looks.

Here, are few pointers to show you the way to effortless festive dressing with it being cumbersome or over the top.

A ‘dhoti’ For Every Occasion:

Heading out for a music festival or a road trip over the weekend or escaping to Goa? Wear a pair of linen dhoti pants with a well fitted graphic tee or a casual shirt. Voila! You are now at your comfortable (and stylish) best.


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Jodhpuri’s On A Sunday:

Going for a Sunday brunch to that ‘talk of the town’ restaurant? Why not wear a pair of Jodhpurs (the breeches which the British made popular a long time ago) either with or without the flare, a casual shirt and leather closed sandals? There, your Sunday stylish outfit is ready.




 Shake It In Comfy ‘bandhgala’:

Now we move onto a more formal setting. The most common go-to outfit is no doubt the sherwani. Wear a shorter version with either dhoti pants or a pair of well-fitting pants and combine it with morjaris or leather sandals, OD’ed on sherwani during the last wedding season in all its forms? Well, the bandhgala seems to be the latest trend on scene. Go ahead and adorn it as a full suit with pants or wear the short sleeveless jacket version with a shirt and pants. If you are the groom then go all out and get it in velvet for a rich look. Accessorize your outfits well whether it is wearing an ornate turban or a brooch. Here we are talking about weddings, festivals (the traditional ones. Not the music kinds) and other such occasions which prompt you in meeting your entire family in a traditional garb.


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At the end of the day, it is all about your style. We will not say comfort here because if comfort was key, then there would have been no risk takers in fashion and no indo-western styles to be spoken about. Traditional Indian wear is probably one of the most beautiful trends out there in the world, but let’s face it, it does tend to get a wee bit cumbersome. Why not combine it with the sensibilities and comfort of the west and progress with the latest trends as we strive to do with our thinking?