How to Pick the Right Pajamas

Pajamas are a part of our daily lives as most of us wear them every night and even sometimes spend a lazy Sunday in them. As with any menswear, the colour, cut, fabric, and style, all matters when it comes to picking clothes, but in pajamas, the most important aspect is what fabric you choose. Here are some fabric types that you can go for, depending on your needs:


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1. Synthetic:

The synthetic/polyester and slightly stretchy fabric pajamas are the most multi-purpose. They follow latest fashion trends and can be worn to bed and they can also easily be worn to a work out session at the gym. They’re light, sweat absorbent and everyone can own some in a few basic colours.



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2. Jersey:

Basic jersey pajamas are also very useful and multi-purpose. They are slightly stretchy and super comfortable. You can roll out of bed in the morning and comfortably do your chores in them or go for a jog. They are look more presentable than other nightwear.



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3. Silk:

Fashion and style dictates that everything silk is luxury. Silk pajamas aren’t worn that commonly as good quality ones are more expensive and less easily available. They aren’t very multi-purpose but they are super comfortable and will feel great against your skin. Try them out before you chuck them for more useful pajamas.



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4. Flannel:

Probably the most common type of pajamas, flannel is used for both bottoms and tops in nightwear.They are classic fashion when it comes to nightwear and everyone should own a basic set of flannel pajamas. Usually available in typical checks and prints, flannel pajamas are everyone’s basic, go-to choice.


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So there you have it, a variety of pajamas to chose from. You can always buy some of each so you can wear them depending on your mood and utility. Jersey ones for a chore-full day and gorgeous silk ones when you just want to relax!