How to ace the floral look?

Florals are in season, and not the cheesy Hawaiian shirts that are associated with the print.  But, bold, darker prints that are daring and wearable. From Paris to New York to Milan, the world’s fashion capitals are sporting the look on the runways. The flower print has come of age, making men turn in its direction to give it a second glance. A flower jacket can perk up a boring pair of jeans and t-shirt like nothing else.   Designers are now taking to the runways to change this notion that ‘florals are passé’ with edgier and rebellious prints. With darker and dominating tones and shades, the trend will be a riot in the cold frigid winter. From loud landscape printed t-shirts and blazers to geometric designs with floral imprints, our men are daring to go crazy. If you want to give this trend a try, we suggest you stick to colours you are comfortable in since the trend may be a difficult to carry off.

1. Floral Wardrobe Jackets:





2. Wearing The Floral Prints:

Purple, black and green are a favourite on the ramp, while lighter shades with strong prints are a favourite around global fashion streets. This winter, try striped blazers with floral prints as well as loud single printed flowers to make a bold statement. If you are on the buffed up side, we’d say avoid loud prints and stick to subtle colours and patterns. If you are lean and on the shorter side, make a statement with daring and bold patterns. Pair your floral summer jackets and t-shirts with a solid coloured chino or trousers. However, pairing more than two prints together may result in a bit of a visual chaos.





3. Accessories:

Accessories can make or break looks. But floral accessories revamp looks! Take this trend off the wardrobe and put it on your accessories. From floral watches to flowered converse and loafers, there is a ton to explore here.





Work Wear:

Try the look at your work place with floral ties, lightly printed pocket squares and subtle printed jackets for autumn. Avoid printed chinos and pants since it may crossover to smart casuals. A well paired look with a tinge of this latest trend is all you need to make an impression.





4. Smart Casuals:

Go all out for casual luncheons, dinners and coffee meet-ups. From floral chinos to flowered socks, be experimental. If you are a little hesitant with too many accessories, you could opt for a solid coloured bag with light floral prints and keep it simple. The floral trend is here to stay for a while! So bring out your daring side and bring and give the mundane a rest.