How to Ace Dhoti for That Puja

Gone are the days when dhotis were deemed ‘very traditional’. Now a days they have a special place in the male wardrobe—something that men take smug pride in and how! In fact, this men’s wear is the perfect traditional garb for any occasion—festive or regular.




With a string of festivities in line, dhotis make for an essential (and popular) choice of clothing. Check out how you can rock this traditional attire:

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1. Stylize with a Kurta:

Dhoti-kurta is apt for any special occasion. While picking this piece of classic fashion, just make sure that its length is apt—it’s neither too long nor too short but simply brushes against the knees. Why? So that the look & flow of the dhoti remains intact and doesn’t get overshadowed by the long kurta. This attire is enough for you to work the room!


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2. Experiment with Colours:

Dhotis are available in an array of colours, shades, styles, and patterns to keep up with the latest fashion trends for men. If you’re going with a dark kurta, make sure the dhoti is of cream or off-white colour. Alternatively, if your dhoti has hues of gold, pair it with an orange or green kurta. You can even experiment with bold colours. Mix ‘n’ match, colour coordinate—play a little with variety.


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3. Accessorize!

If you’re wearing a dhoti-kurta, wear a stole to complete the outfit. But make sure it is of the same color or pattern as your dhoti. Strictly avoid shawls. You can even wear a smart necklace that’s not too showy or feminine. Select a Mojari or Kolhapuri chappals to take the complete traditional look to the next level. Whether traditional of modern, accessories are an important part of the latest fashion for men.


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4. Pick a Casual Shirt:

If you want to keep it casual on the occasion, simply wear a crisp dhoti with a well-fitted plain t-shir tor a casual shirt. This new fashion style for men is totally comfortable.


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So just stick to these style suggestions and bring back the elegance of wearing a dhoti for any occasion with panache.