Hey Guys! Will you be home for New Year’s?

Lots of men out there will be heading to their hometown to bring in the New Year’s cheer with family, friends and extended family. So, if you haven’t seen your loved ones for a while, do wear something nice and please do invest in some grooming products, because your mom would want to see you happy, healthy & clean-shaven! Smell pleasant, wear your favourite woody deodorant, get into the holiday state of mind, and have oodles of fun! So, what would be your essentials for a homey little New Year’s? Find out!

Weekender Bag:

You really don’t need a gigantic suitcase for a short trip home. All you need to do is have a little weekender bag with just your nice clothes and absolute essentials! Get a bag which is preferably leather and rugged, and is ideally strong but lightweight at the same time.




Classic Field Watch:

Get yourself a classic field watch that would look extremely manly on your wrist, yet would provide you with comfort strap, ideally with soft leather on the inner wrist.





If you are visiting somewhere, where the temperatures drop, keep them gloves ready! They’ll surely keep your hands warm and cosy when you are making a journey home, and freezing!




Toiletry Bag:

Of course, you need a toiletry bag! Every man does. Get one with those little pockets for all your grooming products and your favourite woody deodorant! You should get a leather one because it’s classy and handsome, and ideally get one with a zipper longer than the body of the bag, allowing easy access.




Button-down Shirt:

A nice shirt, maybe a button down, is a nice choice. White Oxfords would go well with it. Keep it casual but celebratory!




Classy Denims:

Get your denims correct. Bootcut ones should do the trick. A little vintage goes well with the New Year’s flavor!  A pair of dark jeans goes well with the sweater, and whatever else you pack for your trip.


The footwear should be nice. Yes, Boots! They won’t possibly be cheap, but they’ll last forever and they’ll be the most versatile footwear in your closet. You can pair them with everything from t-shirts, to a sport coat, to a New Year’s sweater.




Thoughtful Gift:

And most importantly, the big fat, THANK YOU! Buy a present, and be thoughtful. Thoughtful gifts always count more than overtly-expensive or flashy ones. If you’re rich, you could even buy your folks an experience!