Here’s how you should get ready for a job interview

Undoubtedly, the majority of us would want to be employed on the basis of our capabilities, potential and skills; but the first impression does count. The first impression we make on a potential employer lays the foundation for the interview, and our appearance heavily influences the chances of being selected. Henceforth, one cannot simply afford to goof up with his appearance while appearing for an interview. Here we present to you some tips on how to get ready for a job interview.

how you should get ready for a job interview


1. Attire :

Classic formal attire is all you need to get ready for the job interview. Following hippie fashion to stand out in the crowd is a complete NO. Ensure that your clothes are well-fitted and ironed. To avoid last minute rush, be smart and decide your outfit a night prior to the interview day.


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2.Hair :

Long shabby hair or braided hair might be the new styles for men, but while appearing for an interview, choose a neat, trimmed look. Unkempt hair reflects your non-serious attitude towards the job, leading to a deduction of scores on your appearance.


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3.Shoes & Accessories :

A wrist-watch, which is not too flashy, can enhance your appearance. However, refrain from wearing other men’s accessories including wristbands and earrings. As they say, “Shoes make an outfit” so, pick your pair of shoes wisely. We’d recommend that leather shoes are the best pick for your interview day!

Shoes & Accessories


4. Personal Hygiene :

Personal hygiene speaks volumes about your earnestness. So, ensure that you are clean-shaven with no bad body or mouth odour. Your nails should be trimmed, prim and proper.

Personal Hygiene

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Your appearance offers insight into a lot of aspects about your personality. So, make the most out of it and kick-start the interview with your elegant looks!