Fur Coats for Men: Style Tips

If we had to ask any fashion conscious young men about what has been their toughest task while selecting apparel for their wardrobe, their answer will be fairly simple. Choosing a fur coat for themselves.

The verdicts are in from this year’s largest catwalks. Fur coats are back in fashion. While we will never actively vouch for using fur as a clothing material we would like to clarify that designers are using faux fur which has a feel of the real thing but doesn’t kill any animal in the process.

The Right Style:

As stylish as they are, what many men find difficult is to search for the right style which suits them the best. The important point to note here that styling your apparel is equally important. Fashion doesn’t simply end at buying and wearing. It requires details and efforts to have a noteworthy appearance.




This is why we’ve thought of putting together a list of pointers which will help you to style your fur coats better. They’re easy to follow but if executed well, are bound to make the heads turn.

Forget your Jeans: Embrace Trouser

Fur coats are not meant to be casual. Do not ever pair them up with jeans. Go for colour-reach trousers. Trousers with boots are the perfect match for your fur coats. Remember that you’re out there to give out a masculine statement. Do not wear something that you will make you look silly instead.




Choose your Colours Well:

Here’s why choosing the right colour is important. It’ll either enhance your complexion or drain it. Try on a variety of colours and see which one complements your skin tone the most. Its okay to take your time so don’t end up buying something in a rush which you’ll probably hang in your closet and never wear.

Full Length Implies Full Confidence:

The most positive thing about wearing a fur coat is that they’ll make you the center of attention. No wonder they’re a huge fashion statement. Depending on your height, choose something that knee high in length or even a one which covers your hips.




Ignore the Stares:

Okay. We admit this is not exactly a style tip but we assure you that this one is as important as the others. If you’re wearing a fur coat expect to get a whole lot of stares. Maybe even touches or abuse. But ignorance can truly be bliss sometimes. Just remember that you’re wearing what you’re wearing because you feel comfortable and confident in it. So go right ahead. Flaunt your style!