Four Evergreen Styles For Men

Fashion-conscious men of the world, listen up! You may feel it is important to follow fashion trends always, but have you ever observed that there are certain styles that never really go out of style? Probably not.




We understand the importance of updating the wardrobe every 6 months. But have you ever kept clothes or other items that you felt you could still don even today?Like everywhere else, there are a couple of trends in men’s fashion that have still not gone out of vogue.

Take a look at 4 evergreen styles that will never, ever disappoint you:


1. Waistcoat:

Most Bollywood stars such as Shahrukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan have been seen wearing it in their films or social gatherings and events. The truth is waist coasts are a smart fashion choice. They conceal the tummy fat (if there is any) and ensure a dapper, cleaner look – not that Bollywood actors are not in good shape!



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2. Leather Belt:

Your “look of the day” is incomplete with a leather belt, isn’t? Whether you opt for loose trousers or tight-fitted jeans – you know you will wear the belt around your waist. It might not solve a major purpose for you but it is as important as putting on cologne for you before going out.




3. Single Coloured T-Shirts:

Be it in bed or on a date – single coloured t-shirts can do wonders, if they are worn correctly. Such t-shirts have refused to lose out on their charm. And, the reason is simple –they epitomize easy style without the bling or too much dazzle.




4. Blue Jeans:

Remember the old 90s song “Purani Jeans” by Ali Haider? The song was not on jeans; but the fact that someone mentioned it in their song makes it a fashion statement that was started ages ago. We are in 2016 and still people buy jeans like hot cakes. Even if you don’t wear jeans, you would still have a pair somewhere in your wardrobe, isn’t?



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No matter what you do, where you are or how old you get – there are things that don’t lose out on their popularity quotient. When it comes to fashion, certain styles become such a comfortable part of your life that it becomes impossible to part with them. Don’t you agree?