Footwear You Must Own In 2016

Footwear forms an important part of the entire attire. Be it a man or a woman wearing a nice pair of shoes can easily uplift anyone’s glamour quotient. With spring finally here, it is important to reassess the wardrobe and make little changes, especially in the footwear department.




One needs to pull together a formidable collection of shoes that has state-of-the-art colours and designs. So which kinds of shoes made it to the list this year and why?

Let’s have a look:

1. The Brogue Shoe:

Originated in Scotland and Ireland, the Brogue is a low-heeled shoe that has carved a niche for itself in the mainstream footwear industry. Available in plentiful colours such as tan, chestnut and chocolate, the Brogue is perfect for the contemporary gentleman. Whether it is formal wear or casual attire, this kind of shoe will work its magic with ease.



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2. The White Leather Trainer:

This particular shoe is in vogue and a lot of mainstream celebrities such Kanye, PSY and Robert Downey Jr seemed to have embraced it like a pro. It is an epitome of being youthful and posh. It’s comfortable, has a classic design and falls in the category of luxurious footwear style.




3. The Suede Loafer:

A popular mainstay since the 19th century, suede loafers are known for its versatility. Comfortable and easy-to-wear, this laceless footwear has a continental ring to it. Most wearable (and popular colours) are tan, beige and light brown. It’s relaxed, smart footwear and easily becomes a default option for those who own it.



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4. The Black Leather Shoe:

This is the most common footwear. Every man owns a pair of black leather shoes. This shoe is perfect for all occasions black tie event, family function, job interview, etc. It easily finds a slot in the wardrobe no matter how old a man is (teenager, young adult, old, etc.).




5. The Leather Lace Up Boot:

This footwear has a gorgeous design and looks amazing on formal attire, casual wear and even on semi-casual apparel. The only point to be taken of is the height of the boots. Make sure it is not too high or too short, otherwise the appeal of the boots will be lost.



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There is a shoe for every occasion in life. Make sure it’s chosen with careful consideration after all, it has to complement the clothing easily and not look forced on the wearer.