Footwear colours to try this summer

Always judge a person by the kind of shoes he wears. It often baffles men as to which pair of shoes gets combined with which pair of trousers or outfit. So, here’s a quick guide to all the colours of footwear that can be easily pulled off when worn with the right outfit.

Footwear colours to try this summer


1. Brown/tan shoes :

Brown shoes are a basic requirement needed in your wardrobe. They can be paired with every outfit under the sun only except for black. Black and brown should never be mixed when it is a formal occasion. All colours of chinos, jeans, tailored trousers and shorts will work with brown or tan shoes with a simple exception of shades of black.

Browntan shoes

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2. Red or blue :

For someone who wants to make a statement and wants to stand out. A bold colour of shoes is near to perfection; you can always pair a bold coloured trouser with a bold pair of shoes but keep in mind to always keep the top half of your outfit strictly neutral in a white or black colour.

Red or blue

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3. Black shoes :

probably the most understated colour. A good pair of black shoes can work your way through possibly every occasion with almost every outfit. A pair of black loafers is a must have and can be easily paired with everything if you are the type who doesn’t like to think much into your clothing.

Black shoes

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4. Oxblood shoes :

Here’s an odd yet understated colour. These shoes have been in the background for quite a while but have recently gained access to first row seats in the fashion world. A pair of oxbloods goes well with black, white, grey, navy and almost every solid colour you can think of. If your shoes are the only statement piece in your outfit, let these make the cut.

Oxblood shoes

While it is easy to go to a store and simply pick a pair of your usual colours, it is always good to experiment with new colours especially if you are someone who likes to keep changing his wardrobe and always be in fashion.