Style Fundas To Show That You Mean Business

You’re determined, ambitious and focused. It would be a pity to see a driven state of mind not convey the same message when it comes to the wardrobe department. If you mean business each time you walk into that boardroom, make sure that the message is first delivered visually, by means of how you dress and project yourself. Once people are sold on your appearance, the rest should be a cakewalk for you.

Groom Thy Self:




First impressions make all the difference. Unkempt hair and beard, sloppy suit and un-ironed shirt… the perfect recipe for visual disaster. You may prove your mettle anyway, but there is no reason why people should cringe at your appearance, especially if you are so good at your job. Take some time out to groom yourself and wear fitted, well ironed clothes for a dapper appearance at all times.

Colour Palette:




While there’s no harm in experimenting with the coolest colours on the fashion block, it is highly recommended to stick to neutral shades while delivering important talks or meeting clients. The reason is simple: the focus should be on what you have to say and not on what you’re wearing.

Watch And Shoes:




The two most important possible style statement that you wear on your body almost all the time. A watch is perhaps the only piece of jewellery that does not raise any eyebrows and one that no guy thinks twice about before donning. Pick one that is not flashy and yet makes a statement with its inherent class and intrinsic style.

The type of shoes you wear also speaks volumes about your personal sense of style and ethos. Neatly cut and well polished leather shoes in either black, blue or brown send out a clear message that you are a man who values attention to detail. Keep the brogues, keds and sneakers for less formal occasions — maybe for a golf round with the associates?

Laptop Bag:




If you’re still carrying around that nylon backpack in the name of a laptop bag, discard it this instant! A bagis one item you will be lugging around to every meeting and even reaching out to it constantly to draw out documents. Make sure you show that you care for the item carrying these important documents to onlookers.

Invest in a proper bag that is not only laptop friendly but has umpteen pockets for other utilities as well. The best bet would be leather slim briefcases and wide messenger bags that are just about right to hold a laptop and a few papers and stationery. If you need more storage space, go for large satchels and briefcases with multiple pockets and you’re sorted.