Dressing tips for men this monsoon

Monsoon brings relief from the sweltering summer, but along with it also comes the muck, chaos and dilemma to dress presentably. Especially when the humidity rises, it becomes a tad bit difficult to be comfortable yet look chic. Living in a world where external appearance and latest fashion trends matter, dressing season appropriately can be a tricky affair. However, you have no need to fret as we have some handy dressing tips up our sleeves that will get you through the monsoon in style.

Dressing tips for men this monsoon


1. Colours :

You may not be the one to complain about the monsoon, but it feels great to brighten up the gloomy rainy days with some bright colours. Menswear has a plethora of fun colours you can pick from this monsoon. Opt for colours like blue, pink, red and yellow to add a vibrant zing to your outfit. White and light colours are a big no in the rain. First, they get dirty easily with all the mush around and secondly; they risk indecent exposure as they get transparent in the rain.



2. Fabric :

Fabrics are a core factor when picking clothes for the monsoon. Linen, wool, knitwear and heavy denim are terrible fabrics to pick during the wet season. They don’t dry quickly, cling to the body and cause rashes due to the dampness of the fabric. Choose breathable, lightweight fabrics like cotton, lycra, spandex, and polyester that are fashionable yet practical choices. The softness of these fabrics also helps in avoiding rashes and itchiness.


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3. Footwear :

Being minimal is the latest trend. You can look stylish in a pair of water-resistant sneakers. The leather is a strict no-no for the monsoon season. Even the slightest showers can stain the leather, causing it to cringe and crack. Opt for loafers or sandals made from washable fabrics in neutral colours that can be a staple in your closet for the season. These season appropriate shoes look great and represent your fashionable side.


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4. Watch & Accessories :

Detailing is the key to dressing well. While your outfit may be on point, wrong accessories can make or break the ensemble. With the influx of so many options in the market, let go of your expensive wristwatch and other accessories that are not meant for the monsoon season. Invest in a stylish waterproof watch that you can wear stress free even during the heaviest showers.

Watch & Accessories

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They say it is quite easy to be casual, but in the monsoon, one needs to keep things in sync to look appealing. Simplicity works best for men so, make sure you don’t go overboard trying to ace your look. Keep basics like an umbrella or a funky raincoat handy to avoid looking like a piece of soggy bread. Dress well and keep it classy this monsoon!