Does your ensemble need a brooch?

Brooches are becoming a hot piece of accessory these days. But just because it is in vogue, doesn’t mean you can’t pin a fancy brooch on a formal shirt and go to office some day? Brooches look good only during parties and events. Also, you can’t wear them on all kind of clothes. Here are the clothes on which you can pin up a brooch

Does your ensemble need a brooch

1.Indo-Western Jacket:

If you are wearing an Indo-Western jacket then it means you are either at a party or a formal event. Now this is one piece of ensemble that calls for a brooch. Indo-Western jacket without a pocket square and a brooch looks kind of bland. So go for a brooch in a colour that either matches your trousers or a colour that complements the colour of your jacket, perhaps a lighter hue of your jacket’s colour.

Indo-Western Jacket


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2.Half Jacket:

You don’t always pin a brooch on a Half jacket. However, if you are wearing a Half jacket on a traditional occasion, like a festival gathering, a sangeet ceremony, or a< a href=""> wedding reception, you must put a brooch on your jacket, whether you are wearing it with a kurta or a formal shirt. Usually, Half jacket is of a colour that contrasts well with the kurta or shirt underneath it, and the brooch is of the colour that matches with the kurta or shirt, whatever you are wearing.

Half Jacket


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Whether you are wearing a blazer that complements your entire ensemble or if it is a part of a two-piece or a three-piece suit, you can always put a brooch on it. Unless you are in the setting of an office or a formal business meeting, brooches always look good in every occasion. The brooch could be a metallic one in gold or silver hues, depending on the colour of your suit or blazer. For instance, a golden brooch would look good on a red or dark blue blazer.



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Remember, brooches are almost every time worn over the second layer of your top wear, never on a shirt or kurta.