Different Trouser Styles

There was a time when young men had forsaken trousers for the comforts of denim jeans. But, since the last few years, trousers have again started to make a comeback in the world of men’s fashion. It is sophisticated, classy, and offers you much options of styling your look in comparison of jeans. The good thing about trousers is that they are available in different styles. Let us discover some of them.



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1. Chinos:

Chino trousers, even though sound new, are not a new addition to the style of trousers. Jodhpuri pants of earlier days were type of chino trousers. They are broad at the upper half and narrow down strictly as they taper down. They are considered very stylish and be worn numerous occasions. You can wear them with informal suit styles or with a casual tee at a party. The good thing about these pants is that they can be worn regularly as well in office and college.




2. Wool:

These trousers, as the name suggests are made of wool. It offers lot of options of versatility. It can be styled both with tailored outfits like your suit or a simple button down shirt team it up with a casual t shirt or polo, it will go with everything. It has been popular since quite some time now and its popularity among young men only seem to be increasing.



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3. Corduroy:

Once considered as the outfit of middle aged men, Corduroy trousers are becoming hot favourite among many youngsters these days. It offers a lot of comfort compared to some other type of trousers and the fabric too feels good against your skin. These days, it has started to offer a lot of options in terms of colour and style, due to which it has become a new way for young men to experiment with fashion.




4. Printed:

Printed trousers for men are not that famous yet but are slowly climbing up the fashion ladder. They are usually light in fabric and offer a lot of room for experimentation due its versatility. In India, it was made popular by Ranveer Singh, whose printed trousers go from stylish to bizarre. These trousers, however, cannot be worn in formal settings.



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With its various range of colours and styles, trousers let you up your style quotient manifold and help you break out of the regular and boring denim jeans look. It comes in different fabrics and colours, so you can experiment a lot with the kind of tees or shirts you want to pair them with. You must try each of these kinds of trousers and increase your style game.