Colours to Wear on Valentines Day

Valentines day is a day for celebration and excitement and you might want to look a little special today. Experimenting with fashion styles and different colours in menswear is a good way to go. Here are some stellar colours that you can don this valentines day and tips on how to wear it:




1. Red:

This is the colour of love and the first choice for everyone. You can wear a smart shirt or blazer and pair it with black or white or both. It might look a little cheesy but you’ll definitely look special for your loved one.



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2. Mustard:

Dark yellow tones are very much a latest trend in fashion. A simple sweater or overcoat in mustard will look refreshing. It’s easier to pair, just go for muted colours like blues or blacks. You can even go for a coloured muffler, if your just want to add a pop in your outfit.



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3. Purple:

Pink has been worn and experimented with a lot so we won’t particularly suggest that. If it’s not your colour, then a great replacement is purple. It’s like the manlier version of pink. Again, very easy to pair so it shouldn’t be a problem. Go for a starched shirt or casual t-shirt.



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4. Multi-Colour:

If you don’t want to stick to one bright colour, you can mix and match a few. Make sure they aren’t too out there, and go for complimentary colours. Red, Yellow, and Blue make a great combination. Don’t introduce too many colours in your outfit, and make sure you can pull it off.



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Surprise your girlfriend this valentine’s day with this bright and colourful side of you. Explore latest fashion trends and figure out what unusual colours look best on you. A lot of couples are going to be out and about this Valentines Day and you should stand out a little with your bright attire.