The Basic Necessities for Winter

Winter is harsh season, which tends to take its toll on you. Thanks to the global warming, each passing winter is colder than the previous one. So what does one do to protect himself from the cold and dreary weather? Why, invest in basic necessities of course! Yes these basic necessities should not look as if you have just pulled them out of the confines of your storage. Investing in these three accessories is like winning a lottery.

Coats / Jackets:

The most visible accessory you will ever wear, coats/ jackets have to be well fitted to look good and stylish. A too-tight jacket or an extremely loose coat has never flattered anyone. If you are the adventurous type, opt for a thick wind-stopper which comes in a variety of colours and has a thick insulation. Looking for something formal? Why not opt for a long jacket in tweed? You don’t need to wear that thick blazer whilst going to work as it is formal enough and goes with practically every outfit and colour whilst dressing it up. Are you a biker boy? Then the leather jackets are definitely for you.




Caps / Hats:

To keep yourself really warm during winters, caps/ hats are another accessory altogether to invest in. With a range of styles from a fedora to a fitted beanie to a flat cap, caps should be bought keeping in mind your face structure and height. However, instantly transporting you to an old English era, preferably in a golf course, the flap cap helps in dressing up any outfit. The most traditional caps of all, this is the one style which has never gone out of fashion.





A scarf is nothing but a rectangular piece of cloth to protect your neck and throat from the winds of winter. The scarf can be either thick and chunky or thin and light weight. Scarves have the uncanny ability to dress up any outfit. You can always pair a maroon woolen scarf with an all black suit, under the collar of the black blazer. It helps in adding the right amount of colour to your outfit whilst simultaneously taking up your style quotient.

These accessories have to be wearable and at the same time they have to be stylish. They can be as classic and traditional as they can get or they can be as modern as possible. The way you carry them off makes all the difference to you and your outfit.