Are capris back in fashion?

There are a lot of style fundamentals that stay relatively consistent over time. There are, however, trends that come and go, and then come again, then go down in a whirlwind of hate, and then pop back up in 30 years as being cool. So are capris back in fashion? NO! Here is why:




1. The shapely shins:

The only part of your legs which capris reveal, are your shins. Now unless you want to wear something that neither gives you freedom like shorts do or keep you warm like your denims do AND shows off the only part of your legs which you probably don’t want displayed, we strongly recommend you to clear out your wardrobes off these anomalies.




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2. Makes your legs look misshaped:

Think about it, the only thing a pair of capris accentuates is how slim your legs are. Now you might be having a pair of well worked-out legs but the very design of capris accompanied by their clingy nature make your legs look deformed.




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3. No footwear to go with them:

When you think about footwear for men, you realize that each garment that you wear has to go with what you put on your feet. For example, you would wear sneakers to go with your shorts or a really neat pair of loafers for your trousers. What would you wear with capris? Nothing comes to your mind right? Slippers and capris are a disaster and shoes just make you look like you’re an overgrown child. It’s best to avoid such disasters!




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4. Comfort issues:

While we all understand that we sometimes need to put aesthetics over comfort, we would never wear something that isn’t comfortable. While capris do the job of looking horrible perfectly, they also accomplish being an extremely awkward, misfitting garment. Their design leaves no room for openness or flexibility. Why would you want to put yourself through that? Follow the latest trends in fashion for your next shopping outing.




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Guys, even though someday you might feel overly adventurous and on other days you might not have anything to wear, just remember that you can never resort to capris. They are a dying trend and have ample reason for it.