All you need to know about wearing white sneakers

White shoes have always been there in fashion with a silent button then. But lately they’ve been making a comeback into our wardrobes and outfit essentials. Here are certain things about white sneakers and how to use them-

All you need to know about wearing white sneakers


1. Occasion :

These need not be limited to your Sunday brunches. A pair of white sneakers basically has the power of changing the outcome of you outfit. White sneakers can be worn to almost all places except probably a few formal meetings. Work in a plaid button-down shirt and roll up the sleeves. Distressed denim is another go-to that looks flawless with white trainers.


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2. Taking care :

White shoes rather require a little more care and looking after than regular dark colour shoes, you can always have a tissue handy to keep your sneakers clean. Once you are done using them simply take a wet cloth and wipe them well, ready for the next use.

Taking care

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3. Necessity :

While we are all still sorting out our requirement of basics, a pair of white shoes also has added itself in the list due to the versatility of its look. A pair of white sneakers does good to even your most distressed pair of pants.


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4. Formal outfit :

Much to your shock, white shoes can also be worn in a formal setting. Obviously, this does not apply to a pair of white canvas shoes with red piping but here we mean to say, white loafers or brogues work perfectly well if you can pull it off along with a suit.

Formal outfit

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5. Embellishments :

Now, it is not completely necessary to always have a pair of white solid sneakers, if you plan on wearing it for concerts or for a night out, you can always invest in a pair of shoes which even though mainly are white, also have a little bit of details, probably gold or silver piping or patches.


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Although hard to maintain and probably difficult to look for a perfect pair, white shoes are always a good addition to the closet.