Accessories Checklist for the suave

A real man, they say, is a man of few words. Just like how a man’s worth is measured by the number of words he speaks, the same goes for the kind of style statement he makes; the subtler the better. All heads should turn to take note of your entry into a room, but for the right reasons. If you agree, , here are some must-have accessories that will not disappoint you.



A man’s style and his watch are complementary to each other. Watch aficionados are almost too quick to pass a judgement about a man’s character and worth, just by looking at their choice of a timepiece. Not only does it punctuate an outfit; it also says something about who you are—or, at least, who you aspire to be. While we’re not asking you to succumb to such brand wars, we’ll surely recommend that you strap on a watch that oozes class. You just can’t go wrong with a watch in a classic design and a leather strap to match. Do try the range of gold and black that has been flooding the market.




Messenger Bag:

You don’t have to lug that backpack around the airport each time you have to take off. Once you’ve packed your main luggage bag off, in check in, feel comfortable carrying around just essential items across your shoulder. A messenger bag is light, easy to carry around and yet can store in quite a few handy items, starting from your mobile phone, a charger, a book, sunglasses and a change of a pair, just in case. And at times when you want to strip away from your jacket or cardigan, fasten it around your messenger bag and get back to enjoying your book.





Be it a business suit or your favorite pair of distressed denims. The socks you wear underneath can actually turn into a conversation starter. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourselves, the next time! A pair of funky socks peeping out of your legs can intrigue onlookers very much. Invest in pairs that are rich in color and boast of pattern and design on them to make the most of them.