A Guide to Color Blocking your Outfit

Remember the yellow tee, red pants and blue blazer worn by the 90’s legend Govinda? Well, he was the innovator of eccentric new fashion trends for men. But in the last decade, such experiments seemed to have fallen off the charts. Well not anymore! The latest outbreak in top 10 Indian fashion blogs suggests how men are becoming more liberal and modish in their toggery.

A Guide to Color Blocking your Outfit


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So let’s take a look at some really ‘in’ ideas for men who love to color up their attire!

1. Giddy up with a peppy pair of trousers :

If you wish to add something new to your wardrobe and still keep it subtle and alluring, try a hued pair of Chinos with your white shirt/tee. It’s time to get over the blues and blacks and try something else (apart from the denims, off course). Plus, cotton and corduroy stuff is super-comfortable!

Giddy up with a peppy pair of trousers


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2. Try an offbeat pair of shoes :

If you are too shy to don colorful clothing, start with the footwear. Nowadays, the variety of footwear available is mindboggling. You get such amazing color combos in moccasins, loafers, canvas shoes, blah blah! Just take your pick and brighten up your drab dressing with a nice suede or canvas shoe.

Try an offbeat pair of shoes


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3. Go Stripey! :

Stripes NEVER go out of fashion. They’ve hit the charts among the top fashion blogs for ages. Be it sweaters, tees, ties or jackets, you will always spot that one colored stripe tee at men’s store. So what are you waiting for! Go and get it!

Go Stripey!


4. Make way for a vibrant muffler :

Mufflers and scarves are timeless accessories that add style and charm to your demeanor. Try a nice chevron or striped colorful muffler over your monochrome ensemble for some colour. Your boring blue denim and dull grey tee will brighten up with a yellow or red scarf over it!

Make way for a vibrant muffler

Now you know what exactly needs to be done to look jazzy, but with class. Just make sure you don’t overdo it like Salman in Hello Brother!