5 Winter Accessories Every Man Should Own

Gone are the days when accessories tuned in with femininity. With men becoming more and more sentient about their demeanour, the fashion world has created a whole new list of doodads to add to their duds.


1.These Boots are meant for Rocking!:

And that’s just what they’ll do! What better time to show off your mukluks than the winter! Pick your favourite browns and blacks to style up from head to toe. Boots are multifunctional- they add swag, keep your feet toasty warm and also add a few inches. So it’s a win-win.



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2.Muffs for your Cuffs:

Gloves are another great accessory that will go well with your winter wear. The variety is huge; you can buy woollen, leather, suede or anything that compliments your regalia.



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3.Look and feel ‘hot’ with Scarves:

That’s right. These perfect layers help you get that chocolate boy look. Pick contrasting monochrome shades and team with your office wear or casual wear.



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4.Snug as a Bug in a Beanie:

They are cute; they are cosy and they pair up amazingly well with winter wear. If you have a bad hair day, or simply don’t want to freeze while shampooing, beanies are your saviour.



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5.Fifty ‘Shades’ in winter:

Shades give you a class that no other accessory does, only if you pick the right type. Know your face profile and buy accordingly.


So, now you know how to spice up the dull winters with cosy decking up. Remember to team it right and keep it low-key. If not, you might end up looking like the Chris