5 Ways to Get That Perfect Office Look

In today’s day and age, men are too busy to remember the art of knotting a necktie or wearing a crisp, neatly-ironed shirt to work; baggy jeans, colorful flip-flops and disheveled hair comprise the go-to office style.
But it’s the immaculately dressed professional who manages to grab brownie points as far as dress sense is concerned at work. If you too aspire to get a serious office groove on, then you must take a note or two from here:


1. Pick Semi-Formals:

Donning a three-piece suit is not possible every day. Hence, opt for a pair of fitting pants or jeans and a patterned or plain shirt. You can even elevate the look with a tie. Bright colours, stripes, checks—there are many options to choose from. If you want to take your look a notch above, wear a one-colour suit with a bright coloured shirt. Never fails to impress!



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2. Don’t Forget Shoes:

Flip flops, sandals and sports shoes are a big no-no at work. Select footwear that not only keeps your feet comfortable but also provides an added glamour quotient to your clothing. Suede and leather shoes never go out of style. Also, don’t forget to don a pair of socks to complete the look!



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3. Comb That Mane And Shave:

Whether you like it or not, dishevelled hair doesn’t exactly fall under the professional dress code. Comb it, apply gel to it—do whatever you can to ensure it looks neat and properly washed. Similarly, shave frequently. If you are growing a beard or moustache, make sure your face still looks clean. Regularly wash your fair during the day so you look fresh and ready to go whenever your boss or your colleagues speak to you.



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4. What About A Watch?

A sophisticated wrist watch makes a huge statement at work. It shows you are a man who respects time and has a great fashion sense. Wearing a watch automatically puts you in an authoritative zone that will automatically make you feel more confident and look more suave.



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5. Carry A Briefcase:

Even if your office doesn’t provide you a laptop, you definitely carry one to-and-fro work. Hence, you should consider carrying a small briefcase. It sends the message that you’re utterly professional and always on-the-move for business and not someone who carries a colourful laptop bag that also contains gym clothes!



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Now straighten your spine and roll back your shoulders. No matter what you wear, there’s nothing that says more about you than your attitude!