4 Footwear styles that are must have this summer

Look cool and be comfortable this season with this selection of versatile, breathable and well-ventilated footwear that will keep you sassy even in the most stifling of conditions.

4 Footwear styles that are must have this summer


1. Brogues :

A very distant cousin of the rigid polish of heavy leather shoes, brogues are comparatively light in weight and offer a textural touch that’s easier to wear in the sunny season. Pick paler hues such as camel, tan or khaki, as they don’t fade off easily and look classy for summer outings.


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2. Mesh/Woven Slip-Ons :

Is it worth the risk? Totally. Want to separate yourself from the crowd, or like your shoes to have a bit of character, these are your go-to options. The right woven style makes these pieces an eye-catching classic that bring a dynamic finish to your outfit. You find this slip on in a variety of colors, but for a street wear inspired look you can pick bold and bright hues.

MeshWoven Slip-Ons

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3. Leather Sandals :

No leather sandals are not those silly, strappy things, but sturdy and strong shoes. Choose sandals with wide-cut foot straps to ensure comfort and help retain a sense of masculinity. Black and brown look effortlessly cool and tend to go with everything in your wardrobe. Not only do sandals look very smart but also let your feet breathe during the summer.

Leather Sandals

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4. Boat Shoes :

The ideal boat shoes should fit and feel a bit like a slipper, which makes them a winner for this season. These rubber-soled beauties are best worn in canvas or suede because these fabrics are more likely to keep your feet cool in the heat. Timeless nautical colors or judiciously placed stripe or polka dots, these shoes are the perfect pieces to play around when heading out for a casual brunch.

Boat Shoes


Add these shoes to your summer shoe list to keep it clean, cool and fresh this season!