4 Fabrics Men Can Wear This Monsoon

The monsoon has hit the country a bit early than usual. But, are we all set to nail our ‘monsoon looks’? The first step to decode the monsoon fashion styles is getting the fabric right. Even a minor mistake in choosing the fabric can lead to major trouble. So, here we bring you a list of the latest style of fabrics to be worn this monsoon:

4 Fabrics Men Can Wear This Monsoon

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1. Rayon :

The texture of rayon fabric seems like that of silk, but it is more or less like cotton and linen. The good news is that rayon fabric does not trap body heat and absorbs moisture with ease. So, without giving a second thought, get your menswear in rayon fabric.



2. Cotton :

The adhesive effect of humidity in monsoons is the worst part of the season. To save yourself from the stickiness of the weather, stick to the cotton fabric as it lets in air, which keeps your body cool, dry and sweat-free.



3. Denim :

Denim is an evergreen fabric. Ripped is the latest fashion trend so, how about getting ripped denim shorts this monsoon? Pair your denim shorts with a graphic tee, and you are all set to rock the ‘monsoon look’!


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4. Polyester :

Are you up for some physique show this monsoon? If yes, then get yourself a polyester shirt and flaunt your six-pack abs! If you are confused between cotton and polyester, then we have figured out a middle ground for you. POLYCOTTON. Yes, stuff your wardrobe with polycotton fabric because it is super comfy and is meant to save you from humid monsoons.


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Not just humidity, but splattering mud can mess things up. So, choose fabric which can resist mud stains and act as a shield for humid weather. Make a wise choice!